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Hose Hobbles are used to secure ends of high pressure hydraulic hoses, and guard against accidents in the event of failure at the hose connection in the event of failure at the connection.

They consist of formed steel clamps, a Grade 8 Alloy chain, and a weld lug or a second clamp for anchoring.

All our Hose Hobbles are manufactured in Oklahoma and are made of high quality material. We use only Grade 8 Alloy Chain and Grade 8 Alloy Connectors. We also offer Pull Tested Cable Systems. All of our Hobble Systems come powder coated, fully assembled with bolts, and ready to install in the field.

Certified components with serial number and load capacites stated on each tag.

Stainless Steel Components available for offshore or high chemical areas.

  • Powder coated components.
  • Fully Assembled w/ bolts.
  • Ready to Install in the field.
  • Any Size

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Hose Hobble

Hose Hobbles

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